January 31, 2012

The Puli’s unforgettable coat makes this dog one of the most visually interesting breeds. Descending from Hungary and traditionally used for herding livestock, this medium to large sized breed has tightly curled hair that causes it to take on a separated dread-lock like texture called cords. Often black in color, the Puli can also be found in grey, white, or cream.

The Puli’s cording is what sets them apart from other breeds and makes them desirable to owners, and thin cords are valued more so than matted, thicker cords. Surprisingly, this breed has little to no shedding. Coats need regular maintenance to remain clean and attractive, but can also be cut short to remedy this issue.

Smart and well mannered the Puli breed is also protective of its owner. With a history in livestock herding, the Puli considers its owning family part of its flock and will be leery of strangers until they are deemed unthreatening. Contact with many people at a young age will help nurture them and make them more trusting.

The temperament and uniqueness of the Puli make it a great breed to be familiar with. Do you own a Puli? Share with our Facebook community how you chose this breed!

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