October 31, 2012

Technology seems to be advancing at a blistering pace, allowing for conveniences that many people never would have thought possible. While we enjoy the plethora of smart phone apps and wireless mechanisms that have appeared over the past decade, our pets have new technology to benefit from as well. Pet specific technology has allowed owners to provide their pets with a safer, more stable home environment, even when pets are left alone.

To prevent your pet from getting lonely and bored while you’re away, there are plenty of new toys to pique his interest. Toys that allow you to record sounds – typically your own voice – onto a device within the toy, are particularly popular for engaging pets and providing comfort when owners are away. When your pet manipulates the toy in a certain way, such as rolling it along the floor, the playback function is activated and your pet is rewarded with the familiar sound of your voice. Another popular new toy allows you to give your pet treats from a distance using a remote control device. This technology is particularly useful for behavioral training without being right next to your pet.

Special feeding and watering devices are available to provide for your pets most basic needs. Constantly flowing water fountains for pets provide a fresher water source that many pets find much more appealing than still water in a bowl. Pet water fountains often include a water filtration system to ensure harmful contaminants are removed from your pet’s drinking water. Automatic feeders are also available to ensure absolute regularity in feeding times, even when you are not home. These devices can be set to feed your pet a specific amount of kibble at set times throughout the day.

Smart phone applications are not just for your own use; several companies now make pet identification tags that provide a wealth of information with just a quick scan. These tags are particularly appealing because they eliminate the need for multiple license and ID tags, which can be bulky and noisy. By scanning these tags with a smart phone, a person who finds a lost pet will be able to see the owner’s contact information along with the pet’s vaccine and licensing history. Owners can also include information about any health conditions or medication needs that their pet might have.

With so many pet owners working long hours, it can be difficult to get home often enough for your pet to relieve himself when needed. Electronic pet doors provide all of the benefits of a standard pet door, but with added security and comfort features. These doors require the pet to wear a special collar in order to pass through the door, preventing unwanted intruders from coming in. Many electronic pet doors also open on their own as your pet approaches, making them less intimidating for pets that are reluctant to push their way through a standard pet door. This feature also makes these doors much more weather proof than their predecessors, reducing the costs associated with heating and air conditioning.

When your pet needs to spend some time outside, but you do not have time to watch her, a wireless dog fence can provide security and peace of mind. Wireless dog fences are buried below the ground, so they will not affect the aesthetics of your home and yard. They are safe for your pets and family members, and are highly effective at training your dog to stay within a set perimeter.

By taking advantage of the many pet friendly technological advances available today, you can offer your furry friend a safer home and better quality of life than ever before.

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