Love Your Pet Day


Fletcher and Wallace:  Next Level Dachshunds

To most people, the two creatures in the photo look like you average run-of-the-mill lazy dogs.  In our household, they are very much more.

Whether it’s there consistent cacophony of barking anytime someone walks past the window or their high pitched howling when the fire siren goes off at noon on Saturday, moments of silence are rare.  The boys arch-enemies are birds, squirrels, rabbits, and guests who sits in their spot on the couch. Their best friends are anyone with meat and my wife and I, especially when we come home from a long day at work.

Nothing is better than when you walk in the door and they act like they are tween girls and you are the band One Direction.  At our house, every day is Love Your Pet Day. - Stephen D.


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Love Your Pet Day

Two cuties for sure! – Stephanie D.… Read Entire Post


My babies are not just pets they are a big part of our family.

Jeager (our Rottweiler) was actually a house warming gift for my daughters and I when we bought our home in June of 2006.  Jeager was just the addition we needed to make our house a home. Jeager was 7 weeks old when he became part of our family.

Years later I got involved in helping the less fortunate dogs around the world find a forever loving family and home.  One of the greatest feelings is watching a dog that has had such an unfortunate and painful life be placed in a home where they are loved so much they blossom into such a sweet loyal and perfect part of a family.

On Veterans day 2011 we were again blessed with a Beautiful Sweet Pit bull named Cherry that came to us as a foster child.  Cherry was rescued from Ohio as a Pitt bull who was over bred to produce fighting dogs.   She was brought into the local SPCA as a very sick little girl who was in desperate need of … Read Entire Post

Love Your Pet Day

Introducing  Freddie, our 1 year old Goldendoodle from the UK  – Preparing for a very muddy walk through the woods.

Freddie is our beloved “4 legged rug”.  As our  youngest daughter has a fur allergy we had to find a “Hypoallergenic “ dog who does drop their hair.  Freddie is a beautiful dog with a fantastic nature but his hair can be difficult to maintain if he does not receive his daily groom.  Hence the coat, this just saves Freddie getting soaked through to the skin and covered in mud and grime. – Zoe S, Oakham, UK… Read Entire Post

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