We’d like to take a moment to shine a light on one of our favorite organizations. Mommy & Me is one of the many groups Havahart® Wireless supports with donations, and we recently took some time to interview Carol, the founder of this fabulous rescue.

HHW: Can you summarize the mission statement and/or philosophy of your organization?

M&M: Mommy & Me is a no-kill, Pennsylvania state licensed, non-profit rescue kennel and foster home network servicing the central Pennsylvania area.

We are dedicated to rescuing dogs that are in need of homes — no matter the reason. We rescue dogs:

  • from puppy mills
  • housed in high-kill shelters where the chance of being adopted before their time is up is slim-to-none
  • the owner can no longer care for
  • that are stray
  • in danger of being abused
  • in an already abusive situation

HHW: Tell us the story of how Mommy & Me started.

M&M: It all started with one puppy and his mommy. I posted their amazing story on Facebook and suddenly people I didn’t know started messaging me asking me to help this pup and that dog …

I found this infographic incredibly interesting. While it nails some of the dog owners I know right on the head, it misses others by miles. What do you think? Eerily accurate or does it spread stereotypes?

what-your-pet-says-about-youThanks to the folks at Pet Premium for the infographic!


As our dogs age, they change in many ways. Muzzles get greyer, attitudes mellow, things move more slowly. So it should come as no surprise that their needs change, too.

The lifestyle and home that worked well for a puppy doesn’t always work well for a dog that’s reaching double digits in age. So, with that in mind, here are some tips for making your home a little easier on your older dogs.

Anti-Slippage Measures

Older dogs, in particular, can have a hard time keeping their feet under them. That’s why smooth surfaces, like hardwood and tile, can pose serious risk. A fall that might be easily brushed off by a puppy can cause lasting damage to an older hound, so it’s best to try to slip-proof areas that your senior dog frequents.

A simple solution is to put down area rugs. These prevent paws from losing traction and getting away from older dogs. An additional step that costs very little is to place gripping materials underneath your rugs so that they don’t slide when stepped on.

Food and Water Stands

Older dogs can have …

Any dog owner can tell you that walks are essential. A good walk provides dogs with both exercise and mental stimulation. But how can you make sure that you and your dog can enjoy a safe promenade?


Use a Leash

While they may seem inconvenient at times, leash laws protect both you and your dog from unforeseen accidents. While you may have your dog in check, another person walking their dog off-leash might not. Furthermore, leashes stop your dog from chasing animals, people or bikes, while giving you the ability to rein your dog in, protecting them from environmental dangers.

When using a leash, make sure it’s in good working order. If the hardware or fasteners are damaged, replace it immediately. Be sure to use a leash that is the right size for your dog. Smaller dogs will need narrower leashes with smaller hardware, while large dogs will necessitate thicker, sturdier leashes.

Bring Identification

When walking your dog, it’s important that everyone has some form of identification. Keep your ID handy and make sure your dog is wearing a collar and current ID tag …

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