When I was 12 my house burnt down & we had to move. As a housewarming present, my dad surprised me with a tiny kitten that he had rescued at his work where he was the manager of a linen plant. A mama cat moved in there to give birth in the warmth & unfortunately was hit by one of the drivers a couple of weeks later. My dad had one of his employees round up her babies- and brought the cutest home to me. The kitten barely had his eyes open and was still so tiny that I had to feed him with Mother’s Milk (a substitute that you can buy at PetCo) until the vet told me we could introduce canned food.

I named him Smokey Joseph (as all other animals were required to have middle names) and I love the fact that we basically grew up together. From day one, he was always my cat and my parents let me make the important decisions about his care. When I moved off to go to college, he came with me & … Read Entire Post

Congratulations, Johnathan Fiske! Johnathan is the winner of our the Havahart Wireless Spring 2015 $500 Scholarship Contest! He is a student at the University of California Riverside and majors in biology. He’ll be graduating later this year!

Johnathan’s essay addresses this prompt: Why do you love your pet? Write a love letter to your furry friend explaining your relationship and all the reasons why you love them. Include specific things you do to show your love and things you promise to do in the future.

To Brook,

“You’re a little Boston terrier, short and stout. Did you know you’re my handle, despite not really having a snout?”

You are blissfully snoring in my lap as I stroke your aging fur after singing you my makeshift nursery rhyme. The fireplace crackles and pops as I sit with you in front of it on this chilly winter morning. Being with you is an increasingly rare thing; life and its responsibilities are pulling me further away from home and you. Worse, I’m about to graduate college. Only seven more classes left. Seven more classes until a new

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Bernie is a long hair Chihuahua and Ginger is a miniature dachshund.  These two are best friends and seem to encourage each other to get into trouble.

We consider our dogs to be family members and we take them on vacation whenever we can.  They are excellent road trip companions and recently drove 2,300 miles across the country with us! – Glenn BRead Entire Post


Frankie 2 - Erika H

This is Frankie, he is an 11 month old Border Collie / Labrador mix.  We adopted him from the Chester County SPCA a month ago where he was found as a stray. We waited 2 ½ years since our previous dog had passed away before adopting another, when we met him, we knew it was right.

The picture of the 3 of us was taken by the SPCA, they said his smile was the biggest in the photo. The day he came home with us he spun in a circle as he left the shelter, this has become sort of a trade mark for him when he is very excited or wants to notify you that the phone is ringing.

Frankie - Erika H

He always seems to have a big smile on his face and is the happiest dog, ready to play, learn new tricks or cuddle (because naturally he thinks he’s “small”). His coat is on the longer side and doesn’t mind when the girls braid his hair or put bows on him, he loves the attention.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with Read Entire Post

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