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People who say pets and kids have nothing in common have obviously never had pets. Or kids. Maybe both.

Pet parenthood and biological parenthood aren’t exactly the same, of course. Your pet won’t change your diaper when visiting you at the nursing home. And society frowns upon crating and spray bottles as toddler-discipline.

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homemade dog food

Not all pet food is created equal. When it comes to your beloved pooch, you always want what’s best for him. Creating a nutritious and well-balanced diet is one of the first steps you can take to ensure your four-legged family member is as happy and as healthy as possible.

Traditional Commercial Dog Food

Since it was first created over a century ago, commercial dog food has been a popular option for pet owners around the world. After decades of success, it’s clear that it is very possible for your pooch to achieve a balanced diet by eating commercially-made dog food. When choosing a particular food, you should confirm that it is one made with nutritious ingredients. Just because the front of the bag or can says “created for a balanced diet,” doesn’t mean it is. Be sure to read the list of ingredients before you buy.

  • Kibble. Dry food, commonly referred to as kibble, is the most prominent type of food available for your dog. In addition to being one of the most economical varieties of food for dogs, it also lasts for a
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create a pet safety net

You love your dog; he’s a part of your family. That’s why it can be so difficult to think clearly and rationally when something bad happens to him.

You want to jump in and save him, but do you know what to do?

From what to keep in a first aid kit to doggy CPR, here’s what you need to know to create a pet safety net.

How to Create A Pet Safety Net infographic

What to do when your dog eats something toxic

It’s common knowledge that chocolate can be deadly to dogs, but did you know that onions can be just as deadly? A quarter cup of onion is enough to make a 20-pound dog sick.

In the event that your dog eats either of these potentially fatal foods, you should call your vet immediately. If your vet approves, it may be a good idea to give your dog a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. However, do not do this without contacting your vet first.

Alternatively, administering a small amount of activated charcoal can also counteract the the harmful food.

However, it’s not just human food products that … Read Entire Post

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