Any dog owner can tell you that walks are essential. A good walk provides dogs with both exercise and mental stimulation. But how can you make sure that you and your dog can enjoy a safe promenade?


Use a Leash

While they may seem inconvenient at times, leash laws protect both you and your dog from unforeseen accidents. While you may have your dog in check, another person walking their dog off-leash might not. Furthermore, leashes stop your dog from chasing animals, people or bikes, while giving you the ability to rein your dog in, protecting them from environmental dangers.

When using a leash, make sure it’s in good working order. If the hardware or fasteners are damaged, replace it immediately. Be sure to use a leash that is the right size for your dog. Smaller dogs will need narrower leashes with smaller hardware, while large dogs will necessitate thicker, sturdier leashes.

Bring Identification

When walking your dog, it’s important that everyone has some form of identification. Keep your ID handy and make sure your dog is wearing a collar and current ID tag …

I have found that gardening is one of the most wonderful things I can do with my hands… second to actually eating the fresh produced I worked to harvest! Unfortunately, having a garden AND a dog can often lead to an unintended war on the green beans when I don’t keep an eye outside.

At first it worried me that the produce may have negative results on my pups; however, after some research I learned that this is not the case. In fact, garden goods are just as nutritious for the dog as they are for you! Now I know that I can harvest my green beans once they’re ripe, cut them up, and put some in my stir fry and some in his bowl!


Garden Greens for All!

I am sure there was a moment in your life when your mother told you “you need to eat your veggies to grow up to be big and strong!” Well, the same applies to your dog. You should consider feeding him veggies along with his daily dosage of organic dog food! The vitamins that provide …

Havahart Wireless recently wrapped our first $500 scholarship writing contest and we’d love to share the essay written by winner, Nicholas Vucovich.  Congratulations Nicholas!

I plan to study Neuroscience at Pomona College in Claremont, California this fall. In order to understand my passion for autism and neurodevelopmental research, you need to better understand my background. Here is my story:

I remember the transition like it was yesterday, even though it happened nearly 12 years ago. His eyes changed from the bright blue of an ocean’s tide to the color of gray associated with decrepit prison walls. His contagious laughter vanished along with his angelic smile. He appeared locked away from the rest of the world and his regression was obvious, even to me then his five-year-old brother. Scientists have still not been able to find the key to unlock my brother from this trance known as autism; however, throughout my life I have been chipping away at the walls that surround him (and so has our dog Daisy).

I had always wanted a dog, but my parents were not certain how my brother Joe would

I recently stumbled across the doga hashtag on Twitter and decided to do a little digging into this rather fun new practice. During my research, I found that Carrie Bokyo of All Things Dog Blog doled out some of the best advice on the subject:

“For starters, are you asking yourself “What the heck is D-O-G-A? The short and simple answer is it is Yoga practice with your dog as a companion. While some brave and experienced Yogis may balance their dog in precarious ways, I recommend you stick to allowing your dog to enjoy this time relaxing with you, just as you see Jess and Nikki B. doing above, or Toni, my daughter, in the photo below with Oliver.”

“Now that I’ve said the relax word, you may look back at that and tell me I’m nuts. Here’s the thing. Yoga may not relax you immediately if you’re new to it, or have done little in the way of balance and stretching work during your life. Dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and the like may find these activities quite natural. The rest of us will take

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