Fleas and ticks are two parasites that can make your dog’s life miserable if you’re not careful. There are thousands of insects that prey on dogs, and numerous illnesses your dog can get following a flea or tick bite. Fleas and ticks are more active when outside temperatures grow warmer, which is why your dog needs flea and tick prevention as soon as spring starts.

What to Know About Fleas and Ticks

Fleas live on animals such as dogs, cats, raccoons and opossums. The fleas multiply by laying eggs that fall off into your yard, home or outdoor play area. Once the fleas inside those eggs turn into adults, they leap onto a passing animal — quite possibly your dog. Fleabites cause your dog discomfort and can lead to an infestation in your home. If your home is infested with fleas, you’ll have to bomb it to kill them — a process many homeowners find unappealing. Without bombing, your dog is likely to become infested with fleas again.

Ticks, on the other hand, sit on grasses and shrubs outdoors and wait for us to walk … Read Entire Post

Dog Toys

From tug of war to fetch, all dogs love to play. Is it possible to train and play with your dog at the same time? With these toys, you can accomplish more than you might otherwise believe.

Cleaning Up Is Fun

If your dog leaves toy shrapnel around your home, only to get stuck under furniture and stepped on while climbing the stairs, you’re not alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to take periodic trips through your home to collect half-eaten rawhides, squeaky toys and unraveling rope? With a toy bin and a few treats, you can train your dog to clean up after playtime with unbelievable ease.

Here’s how it works: Choose a bin that’s big enough to hold your dog’s toys but shallow enough to permit easy accessibility. After playtime, invite your dog to return the toy to the bin using the “come” and “drop it” commands. When he complies, give him a treat. When he associates cleaning up with getting a treat, you’ll have a dog who happily puts his toys back in the bin.

Reduce Barking

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If you’re a health-conscious adult, you’re probably aware of the benefits of omega-3 fish oil. Omega-3 supplements can also provide your dog with a health-enhancing boost, and may be an effective remedy in the treatment of common ailments. It may also give your dog a much-needed boost if your dog suffers from arthritis.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Have you noticed your dog’s skin appears dry or irritated? Does he spend time itching below a dull coat? Are you tired of excessive shedding, or concerned because his energy level seems lower than normal? If so, adding an omega-3 supplement to your dog’s daily routine might be extremely helpful. Omega-3 is an essential acid, or polyunsaturated fat, that must be consumed through diet. Most commercial dog foods contain enough omega-6s, but not nearly enough omega-3s.

Omega-3 fatty acids are proven to address a wide range of health issues in dogs. For example, a fish oil supplement might ease joint discomfort, provide protection against autoimmune diseases, decrease inflammation and risk of heart problems, and reduce the risk of stroke. Because fish oil contains antioxidants, it may also … Read Entire Post

Dog Car Ride

There are few experiences more rewarding than owning a dog — after all, your dog lives to please you, and no matter what events happen during the day, your dog is always on your side. In celebration of Love Your Pet Day, here’s how you can show him you love him in ways he’ll understand and enjoy.

1. Make Exercise a Fun Habit

There is nothing more enjoyable for a dog than heading out for a walk, playing fetch in the backyard, taking a trip to the beach or meeting new friends at the dog park. Yes, you have to find the time for it — but once you do, you’ll see how much he enjoys it and you’ll have a hard time depriving him. You’ll also appreciate spending more time outdoors, especially if you have access to a nearby park or hiking trail that’s dog-friendly.

There are other benefits to giving your dog the exercise he needs. If your dog has a behavior problem such as chewing, excessive barking, jumping, or simply acting unruly, regular exercise will excite and tire him. Exercise also provides … Read Entire Post

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