Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your dog to your favorite local café? If you’ve imagined yourself chatting with a friend while Fido lay at your feet as you sip an espresso, then it’s time to teach him suitable restaurant manners. After all, the last thing you need is Fido nabbing a sandwich off a dining neighbor’s plate or knocking down a patron with an excitable yelp. Practice these tips and enjoy an afternoon with your favorite furry friend.

The Basics Matter

Sit. Down. Stay. Quiet. These are basic manners that many dogs haven’t yet mastered. If yours is among them, keep him home until he’s ready to obey, and obey consistently. Remember that bringing your dog to a restaurant is a privilege — not a right. If your dog can’t sit still, and quietly, he will not be welcome in a restaurant, even an outdoor café. And if he will not come when called or jumps all over unsuspecting diners, you won’t be welcomed back.

These four basic commands form the cornerstone of dog training and they are easier to teach than you might … Read Entire Post

Back to School

Summer went fast, just like it always does. You and your kids may be ready to return to a normal routine, but for your dog, lazy days spent at home while everyone is back to school spell B-O-R-E-D-O-M. You already know a bored dog equals problem behaviors, including unwanted chewing and barking. Here is how you can keep Fido busy and relieve back-to-school boredom.

Get a New Routine

Tired dogs are good dogs, so what better way to start the day than with an invigorating walk? If you’ve let yourself slide into the habit of simply letting him outside, now is the perfect time to establish a new routine. See the kids on the bus and head right out for a speedy jaunt.

Try Doggie Daycare

If you’re heading back to work now that your kids are back to school, don’t leave Fido home alone all day. It’s a recipe for an anxious, as well as bored, dog. Check out your local doggie daycare situations, and leave him with other furry friends during the day. He’ll be tired and happy when you return, and your … Read Entire Post


Want to spend a lovely summer afternoon in the sun wearing a fur coat? No? Neither does your dog. Keep Fido feeling fresh during the dog days of summer with these quick and easy tips.

Stay in the Shade

Planning on spending the afternoon at the beach, the park or just in the backyard? Make sure there is a shady spot for your dog to relax in. Tree shade, tents with open sides or flaps, and even the underside of a lounge chair can be enough to protect your dog from the hot rays of the sun.

It’s Time for a Shower

What better way to keep your dog clean and cool than with a shower — an outdoor shower with the garden hose, that is! Hose Fido down with the spray nozzle set to a gentle release or encourage him to run through the sprinkler. Don’t leave him unattended, or your lawn could become a muddy mess. Don’t have access to a garden hose or a big lawn? Wet an old towel and let your dog lie on top of it.

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Taking your dog with you in your car is a great way to spend some quality time with your buddy. The only problem is that there will probably be occasions when you have to leave him alone inside the car. Many stores and other public buildings don’t allow dogs on the premises, so he’ll have to sit and wait by himself while you shop or transact business.

This can be especially problematic on a hot summer day. Since you can’t leave your vehicle unattended with the motor running and the air conditioning on, your dog will be left to endure the brutal summer heat. Unfortunately, a hot car can quickly turn into a death trap for any dog.

How Hot Can a Car’s Interior Get?

While many people realize that leaving a dog unattended in a car during periods of extreme heat is a bad idea, the practice can also be dangerous on a “cooler” day. According to the SPCA, research indicates that even when the temperature is a relatively comfortable 74° F, it can reach a scorching 110° F inside a hot car in … Read Entire Post

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