Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Jessica Riker of the North Carolina State University!

Jessica is the winner of the Havahart® Wireless Spring 2016 $500 Scholarship Contest!

Here’s Jessica’s winning essay which answers the following question:

“Some say dogs have qualities, such as loyalty, that are much stronger than most people are capable of having. What is a positive quality of your pet that you would like to have more of?”


I have missed him more than one can possibly imagine. It has been a whole school semester that we have been apart. If it was anyone else in the whole world I would be afraid to return; afraid that they would be angry at me for abandoning them without visiting or calling. Not him, though. He will still greet me with that happy grin, performing his ridiculous puppy tail wag that makes his whole body wiggle, and if I get too close, he will kiss me all over my face. He is my big, goofy, black lab who I love with all my heart and who loves me with all his heart. Dogs in general have the … Read Entire Post

Fast Facts on Dog Dental Health


When was the last time you thought about your dog’s dental health?

It can be hard to remember that your dog has dental health needs too. Having their teeth brushed isn’t exactly high on their list of favorite activities and their top activity — eating the foulest garbage they can get their paws on — makes bad breath worse.… Read Entire Post

unchain dogs crate

Do dogs get bored? You bet they do! And bored dogs can get into trouble — digging, whining, barking, chewing and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Man’s best friend is best friend for a reason. Dogs share many of the same characteristics as humans. They can show sorrow or joy, ask questions with their body language and initiate play sessions. Just as you would get restless sitting in the same room all day with nothing to do, your dog will also get bored on its chain or left in a crate.

Although a chain might be a necessity to keep your dog safe and out of harm’s way, we encourage you to celebrate Unchain Your Dog month with these 10 fun things to do with your dog.

Before Heading Out With Your Dog

Owning a dog is both a joy and a responsibility. Before heading out and taking your dog to the park or any other dog-friendly places, please remember to:

  • Add an identification tag with your pet’s name, your name and telephone number to your dog’s collar. Better still, have your dog micro-chipped.
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Pet Infographic

People who say pets and kids have nothing in common have obviously never had pets. Or kids. Maybe both.

Pet parenthood and biological parenthood aren’t exactly the same, of course. Your pet won’t change your diaper when visiting you at the nursing home. And society frowns upon crating and spray bottles as toddler-discipline.

That said, pet parenting shares similar responsibilities, challenges and costs with plain-old parenthood.… Read Entire Post

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