While most of us would find ourselves drawn to the Labrador (as I look at Vince, my black lab), a surprising amount of dog owners choose the beagle. For the last 10 years in the United States, the beagle has placed in the top 5 most popular dog breeds, and while this could be blamed on Snoopy, I’m here to hopefully encourage our readers to reconsider before it’s too late.

Nose First

The beagle belongs to the group of dog breeds labeled hounds, which are bred for their abilities to track and assist in hunting prey. Their nose is so sensitive it can be used to detect termite infestations or follow even the most elusive hare when the iconic king of tracking, the blood hound, would fail! As such, the beagle will commonly find itself distracted by new and interesting smells. Many problems owners will run into, therefore, are when the beagle’s attention is caught by a new smell. At this point it can be almost impossible to get their attention until their curiosity is sated. Be prepared for lots of walks and for …

Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter are privy to our monthly breed spotlights. We realized that our blog readers are missing out, so we decided to adapt that feature for the web at large. Our first Breed Spotlight is on the Bulldog!

The broad term “Bulldog” is generally recognized as referring to the English Bulldog. However, there are many types of Bulldogs and many related breeds that make up a family of some of the most iconic and beloved dogs in the world.

English Bulldog

History of the Bulldog

The term “Bulldog” comes from the breed’s historical use in bull-baiting. The goal of bull-baiting was to have a dog dart in towards an angry (and usually restrained) bull to try to bite its nose. Due to the need for strength and speed, the breed was developed to be muscular and tough. The distinctive strong lower jaw (sometimes exaggerated enough to be called an under-bite) in the quintessential Bulldog was bred in to help the dogs achieve a grip on the bull once they got close.

Thankfully, the barbaric blood sport of bull-baiting …

We’d like to take a moment to shine a light on one of our favorite organizations. Mommy & Me is one of the many groups Havahart® Wireless supports with donations, and we recently took some time to interview Carol, the founder of this fabulous rescue.

HHW: Can you summarize the mission statement and/or philosophy of your organization?

M&M: Mommy & Me is a no-kill, Pennsylvania state licensed, non-profit rescue kennel and foster home network servicing the central Pennsylvania area.

We are dedicated to rescuing dogs that are in need of homes — no matter the reason. We rescue dogs:

  • from puppy mills
  • housed in high-kill shelters where the chance of being adopted before their time is up is slim-to-none
  • the owner can no longer care for
  • that are stray
  • in danger of being abused
  • in an already abusive situation

HHW: Tell us the story of how Mommy & Me started.

M&M: It all started with one puppy and his mommy. I posted their amazing story on Facebook and suddenly people I didn’t know started messaging me asking me to help this pup and that dog …

I found this infographic incredibly interesting. While it nails some of the dog owners I know right on the head, it misses others by miles. What do you think? Eerily accurate or does it spread stereotypes?

what-your-pet-says-about-youThanks to the folks at Pet Premium for the infographic!


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