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Every year since 1961, the third week of March has been designated to recognize National Poison Prevention Week. Many of our everyday household items can be toxic to our pets even if they’re safe for us, so it’s best to understand the threat these substances pose to your pets.

To raise awareness for Poison Prevention Week from March 20-26, we’ve rounded up a few helpful tips and tricks so you know what to do in the event that your pooch consumes something potentially fatal.

Types of Pet Poisons

Some things that are poisonous to our beloved pets are obvious – pest control products, cleaning products and other chemicals. Other toxic substances may be more innocuous by our standards – grapes, plants and medication meant for humans.

Many of the items that our pets fall victim to are commonly found around the house, and are often easy for a dog to find. In general, you should consider securing these items the same way you would with a toddler – especially since this particular “toddler” has excellent chewing capabilities. Anything that could be considered dangerous should be … Read Entire Post

flea and tick prevention feature

Is your poor pooch constantly scratching and licking certain parts of their body? Perhaps your pet has been restless lately, like something is bugging them.

It could be a lot of little things bugging them—fleas and ticks!

We’ve created a graphic with everything you need to know about these pests including how to get rid of fleas and ticks on your pet and in your home.

When is Flea and Tick Season?

While fleas and ticks are active year round, pets are most susceptible to becoming a host to these tiny pests from May to September.

Fleas prefer warmer temperatures but ticks are hardier and can survive colder climates.

Check out the graphic below to see if your state is one of the worst places to live for dogs and cats in regards to fleas and ticks.

Flea and Tick prevention on dogs

What’s the Difference Between Fleas and Ticks?

Though both pests look similar, fleas and ticks have very different life cycles and habits. Fleas tend to stick to one host for the duration of their lives, which can last for more than 100 days. Adult fleas lay 20-40 eggs … Read Entire Post

Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Jessica Riker of the North Carolina State University!

Jessica is the winner of the Havahart® Wireless Spring 2016 $500 Scholarship Contest!

Here’s Jessica’s winning essay which answers the following question:

“Some say dogs have qualities, such as loyalty, that are much stronger than most people are capable of having. What is a positive quality of your pet that you would like to have more of?”


I have missed him more than one can possibly imagine. It has been a whole school semester that we have been apart. If it was anyone else in the whole world I would be afraid to return; afraid that they would be angry at me for abandoning them without visiting or calling. Not him, though. He will still greet me with that happy grin, performing his ridiculous puppy tail wag that makes his whole body wiggle, and if I get too close, he will kiss me all over my face. He is my big, goofy, black lab who I love with all my heart and who loves me with all his heart. Dogs in general have the … Read Entire Post

Fast Facts on Dog Dental Health


When was the last time you thought about your dog’s dental health?

It can be hard to remember that your dog has dental health needs too. Having their teeth brushed isn’t exactly high on their list of favorite activities and their top activity — eating the foulest garbage they can get their paws on — makes bad breath worse.… Read Entire Post

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