Star Wars Kitties - Melissa L

I have four lovable furballs, each named from a character in the Star Wars universe. These sweet kitty cats cheer me up when I’m sad, relax me when I’m stressed and “help” me when I’m busy! Each with their own personality, they make every day a good day.

Meet  “Handsome” Han Solo

Hans Solo - Melissa L

The alpha male and ring-leader, Han takes care of the other three with baths, cuddles and the occasional wrestling match. A lover of all things kibble, this big guy loves to nap on his crocheted blanket when he isn’t rolling around with his catnip banana.

Meet  “Sweet” Wedge Antilles

Sweet Wedge - Melissa L

The gentle soul of the group, Wedge is the sweetheart who is there for cuddles and chasing matches. He’s a total mama’s boy, never straying far from my side when I’m home. He even has his very own cat bed by my computer so he can curl up while I play video games!

Meet  “Silly” Biggs Darklighter

Silly Bigs - Melissa L

A goofball at heart, Biggs loves to run and play like he’s still a kitten. Whether he’s scaling the cat tree or chasing a toy mouse, he loves to have a good time! And when he’s done playing, there’s nothing better than a blanket cocoon and cuddles. Unlike most cats, he’s a deep sleeper (especially if his blankie is involved).

Meet  “Sassy” Mara Jade Skywalker

Sassy mara - Melissa L

The youngest and newest member of our little kitty pride is Mara Jade. Rescued right off the streets, this little girl has more purrsonality than her little body knows what to do with! She purrs like a Mack Truck and has no trouble speaking her mind (don’t rub that belly . . . It’s a trap!) – Melissa L

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