When I was 12 my house burnt down & we had to move. As a housewarming present, my dad surprised me with a tiny kitten that he had rescued at his work where he was the manager of a linen plant. A mama cat moved in there to give birth in the warmth & unfortunately was hit by one of the drivers a couple of weeks later. My dad had one of his employees round up her babies- and brought the cutest home to me. The kitten barely had his eyes open and was still so tiny that I had to feed him with Mother’s Milk (a substitute that you can buy at PetCo) until the vet told me we could introduce canned food.

I named him Smokey Joseph (as all other animals were required to have middle names) and I love the fact that we basically grew up together. From day one, he was always my cat and my parents let me make the important decisions about his care. When I moved off to go to college, he came with me & has been with me ever since.

He is now 15, and has so much personality that I have heard from avid cat haters “I would love to get a cat, but only if he were like Smokey” and his hatred of the band Coldplay is legend in my circle of friends. I kid you not, any time one of their songs comes on he will get up and leave the room only to come back in when it is over. He loves cuddles and will follow me from room to room waiting for me to sit. The instant I do, he is on my lap wanting my attention. Also, unlike many adult cats, he still loves to play and so I make sure I find some time to play with him each day. He has several toys that he can play with on his own, but they all seem to disappear under my bed where he likes to hoard things. Last time I looked under there in addition to all of his toys he had stolen 4 hair ties, two tubes of chapstick, a sock, and a box of tissues.

A few of years ago, he was diagnosed with both Liver Disease & Hip Dysplasia. The vet has given me numerous timelines of how long he has left, but he has beat the odds each time. It is a challenge living with a cat who cannot jump on things & to make it possible to still get my kitty cuddles at night a friend built him some steps. LYPD


Speaking of those pictures, they were all taken over the course of a year. The crazy eyes is my favorite. I was yelling at the TV during the World Series when the Royals were behind and woke him up. I looked down to see that expression with his foot randomly sticking out- you bet I had to take a picture!! I wish I knew exactly what he was thinking, but it must have been something about ‘Crazy Humans’! – Heather S.




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