My dog’s name is Ripley, and despite all of her naughtiness I really love her. Her curiosity is really entertaining, but sometimes she’s scary smart. From figuring out how to open up the kitchen pantry to knowing whenever we’re within a mile of the dog park, her intelligence constantly surprises me (and by surprised I sometimes mean annoyed).

I really love how she’s a ball of pure energy, but at the end of the day she knows who her momma is and turns into a cuddling puddle of puppy. She even tries to cuddle with our cats, Jimmy & Emilio, however they are rarely interested.

Her most favorite things in the world (aside from eating cat food) are hiking and swimming. #LYPD


Time-willing, we take her to the conservancy near our house for a run, or down to the Conestoga creek at the back of our neighborhood for fetch in the water, and when she’s really lucky she gets to spend an afternoon cruising around the Susquehanna river.

Our home really wouldn’t be the same without her. Albeit cleaner, it would also be deathly quiet and lacking in the joy she brings. The wagging tail, goofy excited barks, and adoring face are really the best thing you can come home to. – Deirdre D. 



  • Abby ˜ February 17, 2015 , 10:29 am

    10 of 10 …. WOULD DO!

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