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Kimmie joined our family when she was 7 months old. She came to our home when my daughter batted her big brown eyes at my husband and said if we don’t love her who will? He decided he couldn’t argue with such logic.

There were some growing pains when Kimmie first came home. She doesn’t like to be outside. She doesn’t like to feel grass on her paws. She is what I call high maintenance.  Due to her short nasal canal warm muggy days are a challenge for Kimmie . She doesn’t like cold days either since she is all lean muscle with short fine hair she gets cold quickly. Cold days she wears a coat outside and a shirt while inside unless she is wrapped up in a blanket on someone’s lap. During rainy days I have to put a raincoat on her just to get her to step outside.  Love Your Pet Day - Kimmie


Kimmie has a wardrobe some girls would be jealous of including Holiday dresses, spring dresses and a party dress.LYPD - Meet Kimme#LYPD - Meet Kiimme

While I like to exaggerate Kimmie ‘s challenges I couldn’t live without her. She is my baby girl. Kimmie is a bundle of energy and very vocal. When I come home at night she lets me know how much she missed me with the rapid wag of her tail and her roo roo roo as she follows me around the house. I no sooner sit down until she jumps on my lap. Regardless of how tired she is she will not go to bed until we do.

Kimmie loves to watch TV. A perfect ending to an evening for Kimmie is wrapped up in blankets watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory. #LYPD Meet Kimmie

Unfortunately there are a lot of things on TV that she doesn’t like. Whenever the Geico Gecko or another animal (especially horses) is on the TV Kimmie goes wild. She runs up to the TV and barks until the animal is gone. Then she runs around in circles to calm down. If she had a very long barking episode (due to several animals in commercials in a row) Kimmie has to go to the water dish and get a drink. Our other dogs look at my husband with this make her stop expression on their faces.

When I am on the computer Kimmie is on my lap. #LYPD Meet Kimmie

When I am eating dinner Kimmie patiently waits (well sometimes patiently waits) until I am done eating until she jumps up on my lap. When I am away from home Kimmie finds somebody else to snuggle with until I return. #LYPD - Meet Kimmie


Sweet little Kimmie is my baby girl, my snuggle puggle, and holds a special place in my heart. – Brenda T.

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