Frankie 2 - Erika H

This is Frankie, he is an 11 month old Border Collie / Labrador mix.  We adopted him from the Chester County SPCA a month ago where he was found as a stray. We waited 2 ½ years since our previous dog had passed away before adopting another, when we met him, we knew it was right.

The picture of the 3 of us was taken by the SPCA, they said his smile was the biggest in the photo. The day he came home with us he spun in a circle as he left the shelter, this has become sort of a trade mark for him when he is very excited or wants to notify you that the phone is ringing.

Frankie - Erika H

He always seems to have a big smile on his face and is the happiest dog, ready to play, learn new tricks or cuddle (because naturally he thinks he’s “small”). His coat is on the longer side and doesn’t mind when the girls braid his hair or put bows on him, he loves the attention.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with his wonderful personality,  his sweet personality, and of course, his handsomeness. 


Frankie has been such joy and fun to our lives that we wonder how we ever lived without him. – Erika H

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