The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence stretches the boundaries of electronic containment for your dog. Proper performance is highly dependent on your fence’s set-up as well as elements and structures on your property. Knowing what factors may affect your Radial-Shape2 fence’s operation before you install your fence will create a better experience for you.

There are objects that will affect the boundary of your Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence. You’ll want to check the following on the interior of your home, the exterior of your home, and your property layout:

• Exterior of the Home: Metal down spouting, electrical power meters, air conditioning units, metal garage doors, large shrubs that reside on the perimeter of your home.
• Interior of the Home: Mirrors, microwaves, and home appliances.
• Property Layout: Large bushes, trees, extensive landscaping, aboveground pools, sheds and metal screened porches.

Placement of your Controller may affect the performance of your fence. Using the following tips when mounting your Controller can increase your success:
• Mount the Controller inside your home on an exterior wall. Place this nearest the center of your desired circular containment area.
• With consideration to the above list, place the Controller 3 feet away from and 3 feet above the signal limiting items for the interior and exterior of your home in order to minimize the factors that can cause attenuation.
• In some cases, placing the Controller on a window might solve issues you might have with objects in the home causing attenuation by creating a direct line of sight to the problem area.
• Make sure the Controller is located within 6 feet of a 120V AC outlet.
• The Controller must be installed indoors as it cannot be exposed to moisture (ie. rain or snow).

Dense objects that may affect the boundary of your fence are defined as aluminum siding, heavily wooded areas on your lot, or extensive landscaping. Sometimes these obstacles are so dense that they cannot provide for you the boundary you need. You may be able to work around them using these two methods:
• Extend your Fence Boundary beyond these obstacles to accommodate for the dip.
• Reduce your Fence Boundary distance to pull your Fence Boundary in front of these obstacles to remove the dip.

In some cases you may not find success doing this. Even with our superior patented technology, there are instances when the successful operation of any Wireless Fence will be very limited and not meet your needs.

To learn more, check out our installation video for the Radial-Shape Wireless Fence!

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