December 17, 2010

Just like their human companions, eye contact is vital for dogs! That is one of the top ways that they communicate. Naturally, they want to properly greet people face to face.

Since most dogs and puppies are a lot shorter than you, that can be a problem. Their natural tendency is to jump up to see you. This is usually cute and funny for a couple times, but it can get annoying very quickly, especially when guests are around your dog.  Train your dog not to jump on people. If you don’t mind your dog jumping on you, then train it to jump on you only when it’s okay.

Try to anticipate the jumping: look for their hindquarters beginning to crouch down, and correct them when you see them about to jump. Turning your back and ignoring the dog when he jumps up can help break the habit. Some dogs will not respond to physical or verbal correction; they just view this as play. Electronic training collars and or proper use of a crate will facilitate teaching your dog not to jump. There are a lot of different methods to correct jumping. Every dog is a little different and it’s good to keep that in mind when deciding how to best correct the behavior.

If you want to excitedly greet your dog, crouch down and do it on its level. This will make your dog happy and you don’t have to deal with any jumping!

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