This holiday season don’t stress about what to get the dog lover in your life! Check out one or all of these great gift ideas!

DOGOPOLY – This game is a playful celebration of our wonderful canine friends! Around the board, you will find your favorite breeds, from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Great Dane. The fun includes buying dog houses that you can trade for big bones. Also, you may become the delighted owner of the local butcher shop; or perhaps the very popular fire hydrant! Collect $200 every time you pass Go Fetch! However, if you have fleas, you will end up paying $200! DOGOPOLY is great fun for your family and friends, and a perfect gift for dog lovers!

HAVAHART WIRELESS RADIAL-SHAPE FENCE – Featuring the latest generation in wireless technology, patent-pending, Havahart® Wireless Electric Dog Fences are designed to maximize the freedom and safety of your dog, with minimal effort, investment and impact on your property.

While standard electronic fences have many limitations, wireless fences consist of radio signal controlled boundaries designed to keep your dog contained within the property without the use of a physical barrier. At Havahart® Wireless we’ve addressed these limitations to provide the most technologically advanced way to keep track of your dog.

PLAYFUL DOG PLANTERS – Playful Dog Planters with personality! Just pop in potted plants or seasonal arrangements and place anywhere, indoors or out, for a touch of canine playfulness. Crafted in steel with a rustic bronzed patina.

B.A. BARKER SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS – These adorable salt and pepper shakers are a great addition to any dog-lover’s kitchen table or counter top. Available in a wide variety of breeds, the quirky design will make seasoning your meal fun!

HAVAHART LARGE ALUMINUM PET DOORS – Havahart® Aluminum Pet Doors offer a more durable option than their plastic counterparts. These aluminum doors are recommended for indoor applications or outdoor access to covered areas, as well as outdoor applications for temperate climates. They are suited for frequent usage and high-energy dogs, indoor or outdoor. Install in three easy steps with two-piece threaded insert. Allow your pets the freedom to enter and exit on their own with our pet doors.

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