December 7, 2010

Guide dogs are known to help lead the blind, but what happens when a dog is blind?

Dogs have recently been making news for becoming guide dogs for blind dogs. Recent news stories tell of a blind Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spanier, and Border Collie all getting through their days easier because of a fellow dog.

In all of these cases, the guide dog is not specifically trained to lead the blind, but has instinctively stepped up and taken the job.

In the case of the blind Shih Tzu, his family decided to buy a dog to keep him company, and his new friend quickly became his guide. These two Shit Tzus are now inseparable.

Another story is about a pair of stray border collies who were rescued. They are inseparable because the blind male, Clyde, completely relies on the female, Bonnie, to get around. Bonnie even lets Clyde rest his head on her back if he gets disoriented. Clyde refuses to move without Bonnie at this side, and she is always looking to make sure he is close by.

In the third story, a German shepherd has taken the role of shepherd. When a young blind Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Ellie was rescued by Leo’s owners, he took it upon himself to guide the young spaniel around. When they go to the park, Leo guides Ellie around and herds the more boisterous dogs away from her. In this case, Ellie’s owners hope to correct her cataracts, and it will be interesting to see if Leo will continue to guide her once she can get around on her own.

The owners in these stories all state that they don’t know whether their “guide dogs” realize if their fellow dog is blind or not;  they have simply taken on the role out of complete instinct.

You can read these amazing stories about guide dogs leading blind dogs below:

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