Dog Health
September 9, 2015


When you’re playing with Fido, and you notice his nails are getting a bit long, it’s time for a trim. Unfortunately, all it takes is one bad experience for your dog to dive under the couch when he sees you … Read Entire Post


When your dog has an anxiety problem, you’ll notice behaviors such as barking and whining, destructiveness and possibly a return to doing his business on your rug instead of in the backyard. Although your vet can treat your dog’s anxiety … Read Entire Post


Want to spend a lovely summer afternoon in the sun wearing a fur coat? No? Neither does your dog. Keep Fido feeling fresh during the dog days of summer with these quick and easy tips.

Stay in the Shade

Planning … Read Entire Post


Taking your dog with you in your car is a great way to spend some quality time with your buddy. The only problem is that there will probably be occasions when you have to leave him alone inside the car. … Read Entire Post

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