Dog Health


Fleas and ticks are two parasites that can make your dog’s life miserable if you’re not careful. There are thousands of insects that prey on dogs, and numerous illnesses your dog can get following a flea or tick bite. Fleas … Read Entire Post


If you’re a health-conscious adult, you’re probably aware of the benefits of omega-3 fish oil. Omega-3 supplements can also provide your dog with a health-enhancing boost, and may be an effective remedy in the treatment of common ailments. It may … Read Entire Post

Dog Heart Health

It’s all too easy for your dog to snuggle next to you on a blanket, snooze all day and enjoy table scraps at dinner. What he loves and what’s good for him aren’t always the same things, however. Just like … Read Entire Post



One of the more challenging aspects of training a dog is motivation. Of course, if the lack of motivation lies within the dog owner rather than the dog, not much can be done. Motivating the dog, on the other … Read Entire Post

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