Dog Health


If you’ve enjoyed the company of your dog for seven or more years — or you’ve adopted a senior dog — then it’s time to pay close attention to his safety and health. Here is how you and your dog … Read Entire Post


Massage therapy is one of the biggest trends in veterinary medicine, and it is quickly growing in popularity. For most dogs and their humans, dog massage is an incredibly enjoyable experience. Without the proper training, however — and in certain … Read Entire Post

September 9, 2015


When you’re playing with Fido, and you notice his nails are getting a bit long, it’s time for a trim. Unfortunately, all it takes is one bad experience for your dog to dive under the couch when he sees you … Read Entire Post


When your dog has an anxiety problem, you’ll notice behaviors such as barking and whining, destructiveness and possibly a return to doing his business on your rug instead of in the backyard. Although your vet can treat your dog’s anxiety … Read Entire Post

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