Dog Tales
More and more organizations are allowing their employees to bring dogs to work. Why the growing phenomena? Researchers are now adding to the trend by giving us scientific evidence that dogs are beneficial to the workplace.Here are 5 Benefits Read Entire Post
December 27, 2011

Boo, a Pomeranian with a stylish hair do, is gaining some serious notoriety on the internet these days. With almost 2.5 million Facebook fans, and many more YouTube views, Boo has an audience that would make most celebrities drool. In … Read Entire Post

December 9, 2010

Paige is a four-year old Border Collie who lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her owner, Lauren Girard. After Paige excelled in obedience school, Lauren began to teach her many more tricks such as loading the washing machine, helping Lauren wash … Read Entire Post

December 7, 2010

Guide dogs are known to help lead the blind, but what happens when a dog is blind?

Dogs have recently been making news for becoming guide dogs for blind dogs. Recent news stories tell of a blind Shih Tzu, Cavalier … Read Entire Post

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