Dog Tales
December 9, 2010 Posted by: Gavin Noble

Paige is a four-year old Border Collie who lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her owner, Lauren Girard. After Paige excelled in obedience school, Lauren began to teach her many more tricks such as loading the washing machine, helping Lauren wash …

December 7, 2010 Posted by: Gavin Noble

Guide dogs are known to help lead the blind, but what happens when a dog is blind?

Dogs have recently been making news for becoming guide dogs for blind dogs. Recent news stories tell of a blind Shih Tzu, Cavalier …

November 23, 2010 Posted by: Gavin Noble

You may have seen online videos of cats playing the piano, but have you seen a dog play the keyboard…with his nose?

What makes this video stand apart from the cats’ is the way the dog howls along after each …

November 22, 2010 Posted by: Gavin Noble

Did you ever want to teach your dog to hang ten (or twenty)?

Meet Buddy, the surfing dog. In this video Buddy and his owner Bruce offer some tips as to how to train your dog to ride the waves.…

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