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October is the American Humane Society’s Adopt-A-Dog Month. It is also the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. These two pillars in animal welfare have made October into a rallying point for animal lovers all over the U.S.… Read Entire Post

Many of us take for granted what our furry friends are capable of. We see them struggling with a stubborn toy or surprised by a filled bowl of food, and it’s easy to look down on them. Every once in … Read Entire Post

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July 22, 2014

We all know that pets make us happier. We feel it in our gut whenever we give their ears a scratch and see an answering wagging tail or hear a contented purr. But it isn’t just a gut feeling at … Read Entire Post

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National Pet Month (April-May 5th)

Celebrate the “pawsitive” impact your pets have on your life during National Pet Month. Our companions are there for the good and bad days, for the rain, sun and snow ready to comfort and play. … Read Entire Post

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