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Pet ParentsIf you have ever changed plans and given the “my dog needs me” excuse (and meant it) – then welcome to pet parenthood! Your time is spent selflessly doling out treats and dishes of food, vacuuming up dog hair and … Read Entire Post

unchain dogs crate

Do dogs get bored? You bet they do! And bored dogs can get into trouble — digging, whining, barking, chewing and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Man’s best friend is best friend for a reason. Dogs share many of … Read Entire Post

English Bulldog - Giving pets as gifts

It’s tough to resist those puppy-dog eyes looking at you through the television screen or in the Facebook photos shared by your local shelter. Who wouldn’t fall for that cuddly little friend under the Christmas tree? However, before you go … Read Entire Post

September 22, 2015

dog-714861_1280Halloween may be one of most fun holidays of the year, but it can be a nightmare for dogs. You can keep your pet safe by following these simple tips.

Chocolates and Candy? Just Say No

Chocolates and candy may … Read Entire Post

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