Dog Breeds

Originating from Africa, the Basenji canine is a breed of hunting dog, specifically the hound family. Most notably known for its nickname “Barkless Dog,” the Basenji has an unusually shaped larynx and doesn’t bark, but rather yodels.

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January 31, 2012

The Puli’s unforgettable coat makes this dog one of the most visually interesting breeds. Descending from Hungary and traditionally used for herding livestock, this medium to large sized breed has tightly curled hair that causes it to take on a … Read Entire Post

Meet the Dachshund! A member of the hound family, the Dachshund’s name is of German descent and means “badger dog.” Originally used for hunting, the build of this breed is low to the ground and long, and is optimal for … Read Entire Post

Our breed for this post can be spotted anywhere!

Throughout American history, they have been a mascot for firehouses and for playing a role in brave rescues. They are also well-loved because of the Walt Disney classic, “101 Dalmatians”.

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