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December 7, 2010 Posted by: Niki Slater

Our breed for this post can be spotted anywhere!

Throughout American history, they have been a mascot for firehouses and for playing a role in brave rescues. They are also well-loved because of the Walt Disney classic, “101 Dalmatians”.

The …

December 2, 2010 Posted by: Niki Slater

This month’s breed is the protective and intelligent American Bulldog. You may recognize American bulldogs from two well known movies: Chance from Homeward Bound and Pete the Pup from The Little Rascals.

American Bulldogs originated from British Bulldogs, but there …

November 16, 2010 Posted by: Niki Slater

In a word, Golden Retrievers are great.  They are amiable, joyful, loyal, and take great pride in pleasing their masters.  Goldens make a great pet for any situation (unless you hate shedding dogs!)



The breed began in the late …

October 19, 2010 Posted by: Niki Slater

The White Labrador Retriever is the star of this month’s Breed About It.


Truthfully, there is no such thing as a “white lab.”  White Labradors are technically Yellow Labradors with a very light coat.

Puppies of all colors can occur …

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