Dog Breeds
September 23, 2014

Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter are privy to our monthly breed spotlights. We realized that our blog readers are missing out, so we decided to adapt that feature for the web at large. Our first Breed Spotlight … Read Entire Post

I found this infographic incredibly interesting. While it nails some of the dog owners I know right on the head, it misses others by miles. What do you think? Eerily accurate or does it spread stereotypes?

what-your-pet-says-about-youThanks to the folks … Read Entire Post

It constantly amazes me how many different types of dogs there are out there. All of the wonderful varieties of dogs we have today come from having had characteristics and traits bred to meet specific needs, goals or preferences of … Read Entire Post

Often said to have “the look of a lamb with the heart of a lion,” the Bedlington Terrier is known to be good natured and mild mannered. Bred in the United Kingdom, this breed was well skilled in underground rodent … Read Entire Post

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