October 7, 2012

What’s not to love about fall?  The cooler temperatures and beautiful colors make spending time outdoors even more appealing and delightful. For dog owners, this season makes taking their pets out for a walk or a run even more enjoyable. Dogs, in their own way, also appreciate the pleasant and captivating changes that autumn brings. While fall is a lovely season that you and your pet can enjoy together, there are also a number of pros and cons of owning a dog during this time of year.


  1. Cooler temperatures. While the scorching heat of summer can make taking your dog out regularly a very unpleasant chore, the cooler fall weather is a charming invitation for dog owners to get out and enjoy the outdoors with their pets. As temperatures drop, the sidewalks and streets, which can be unpleasantly hot for dogs’ paws during summer, now become more pleasant to walk on. With more time spent outdoors, dogs get more exercise and playtime.
  2. More time to relax. For families with children, the start of a new school term means quieter homes. This is a very welcome change, not just for parents, but for pet dogs too – they can enjoy more uninterrupted doggie naps.
  3. Holiday fun. With Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall is also a season when friends and family get together. Dogs enjoy the extra attention they get from family, friends and visiting children who love to play ball.
  4. Pumpkin season. What is fall without pumpkins? This is always the time when you take out your favorite pumpkin recipes and indulge in those delicious pumpkin dishes! Pumpkin is not just ample in size, but also in nutrition, both for you and your family, and your dog, as well. Fresh pumpkin or pure canned pumpkin is loaded in fiber, yet low in calories, which makes it a filling treat for your dog, and also a good remedy for constipation.
  5. Fun activities. With the outdoors being more inviting than the indoors, the fall months are perfect not only for playtime with your dog, but also for some training. If you enjoy hunting, you can take your dog with you and have him fetch your kills. You can also simply go to the park or out on your backyard to teach your dog some new tricks.


  1. Drastic temperature changes. Many parts of the country do not experience the subtle and mild shift in temperatures from summer to fall. Instead, temperatures may drastically change in a single afternoon or overnight. Always be prepared for these sudden temperature changes and make sure your dog is provided with adequate water and shelter.
  2. Hunting season. The beautiful fall colors can make hiking through the woods very inviting, but it’s also the season for hunting. To prevent a tragic accident, where a hunter mistakes your dog for his target, always wear bright colors when hiking with your dog in places that are also frequented by hunters; you can also have your dog wear a brightly colored scarf around its neck.
  3. Fallen leaves. Fallen leaves can hide a lot of hazards that you may not be readily aware of, but which your dog’s nose may pick up, piquing his curiosity. These include poisonous mushrooms, small rodents, snakes, and other critters, or other hidden hazards such as sharp rocks, or broken glass. Always supervise your dog when walking outdoors.
  4. Festive Treats. Halloween and Thanksgiving can be fun for dogs because of the exciting sights, sounds, and smells, as well as the added company. Halloween treats –  especially chocolates – are harmful to dogs. Halloween festivities may also be scary or stressful to dogs, as it is a time when some people play nasty tricks, so it would be best to keep your dog inside the house. Thanksgiving guests also have a tendency to feed pets with scraps, which can be bad for your pets health, and also make them more inclined to beg at the table in future; so try to discourage your guests from ‘spoiling’ your dogs.
  5. Fire dangers. With a drop in temperatures, the fall months call for added heat. It can be very enjoyable to start a bonfire in the yard on a chilly evening, or to spend family time around the fireplace. However, these open fires can pose burn risks for curious pets.

Now that fall has arrived, being a responsible dog owner means knowing the dangers that this season may pose to your pet and being well prepared for them. Some changes around the house and in your schedule may be necessary. It would help to make a list of things you can do to make autumn as enjoyable and safe as possible for both you and your dog. Remote training collars for dogs can be very useful as a training aid to teach your dog to avoid potential outdoor hazards. They allow you to exert some control over your pet when spending time outdoors together, while still allowing him to run free.

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