Meet the Dachshund! A member of the hound family, the Dachshund’s name is of German descent and means “badger dog.” Originally used for hunting, the build of this breed is low to the ground and long, and is optimal for crawling into badger dens. Eventually hunters wanted a smaller version to fit into various size dens and thus the Miniature Dachshund was created.

As a hunting dog, the Dachshund is gifted with a great sense of smell. This is by far their best sensory organ, and they are able to track scents that are weeks old. Hearing is another strong suit for this breed, as they hear 4 times better than a human can. They are, similarly to most breeds, sensitive to high-pitched sounds. To the contrary, their sense of taste is less than ideal because they lack many taste buds.

Dachshunds can be found with three different hair types: short haired, long haired, and wirehair. This breed’s standard size is generally 16-32 pounds, while miniature dachshunds are less than 11 pounds. Coat colors range from red to black and tan to chocolate and tan, while patterns can include brindle, dapple, and sable.

Despite their size and cute appearance, Dachshunds are strong-willed and don’t see their small build as a disadvantage. Because they were bred to hunt, they are fearless when it comes to chasing animals, and may be aggressive towards unfamiliar people or other animals. Even so, the Dachshund is extremely loving and loyal to its owners and will be a great protector for your family. Its bark is similar to that of a larger dog and therefore could make an intruder think twice before entering your home unwelcomed.

Known as “one-man dogs,” a member of the owning family usually becomes this dog’s go-to human. Dachshunds love companionship and will spend most of their day as your shadow, hanging out by your feet and following you constantly.

With a little patience, care, and training the Dachshund can be a great addition to any family. If you’re looking for loyalty and love this breed will make a perfect fit. Remember, Havahart Wireless offers Small Dog Collars to keep your small pet comfortable while using the Havahart Wireless Fence System. Fitting neck sizes of 10 to 17 inches, this collar is the perfect fit for your Dachshund!

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