Often said to have “the look of a lamb with the heart of a lion,” the Bedlington Terrier is known to be good natured and mild mannered. Bred in the United Kingdom, this breed was well skilled in underground rodent hunting and worked alongside packs of foxhounds. Additionally the Bedlington Terrier is an excellent swimmer. They are extremely agile and fast.

The Bedlington Terrier’s coat, which has a tendency to curl, demands maintenance or matting will occur. Groomers tend to closely crop this breed’s hair while still maintaining the “lamb” look. It can take groomers years to master the pruning of this breed.

Bedlington Terrier

As with most breeds, daily walks and play will keep the Bedlington Terrier happy. Without the ability to express their hunting instincts, i.e. running and sniffing, tracking scent, etc., they will become aggressive or destructive out of boredom. Even though they have energy they need to expend, this Terrier breed does well in small apartments if they have somewhere to play daily.

These loyal dogs have a distinctive look, as showcased in the images below. Are you a Bedlington Terrier owner? Share your story with our Facebook community and help us learn more about this very cool breed!

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