Originating from Africa, the Basenji canine is a breed of hunting dog, specifically the hound family. Most notably known for its nickname “Barkless Dog,” the Basenji has an unusually shaped larynx and doesn’t bark, but rather yodels.

This smaller dog is short-haired and has a tail that is tightly curled. Its forehead is wrinkled, especially when they’re very young or very old. A square breed, the basenji is typically as tall as it is long and usually reaches an average 24 pounds in weight. Its athletic build supports its strength, and makes it oddly strong for its size.

Besides the rare quality of not barking, the Basenji also has the ability to clean itself similarly to a cat. Its temperament includes qualities such as alert, affectionate and energetic. Emotional attachments are often formed from canine to one specific human, but they will be curious and reserved with people they are not familiar with.

Another odd characteristic of the Basenji is their affinity towards standing on their hind legs. They enjoy standing this way, or doing so while leaning on an object. This is especially true when they are curious about something.

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