December 16, 2010

It is natural for young puppies to bite and chew on people, however do not let them do this. It can come off as innocent and cute when they are young and playful, but it could lead to bad habits later on. Dog owners need to start teaching them early that biting and nipping isn’t good behavior.

When puppies bite, you should “yelp” and replace your hand with a chew toy. When the puppy then chews on the toy, praise the puppy for good behavior.  Usually when puppies bite, they are mimicking the play that they have with their brothers and sisters. Yelping lets them know that biting is going too far and the dog understands a “yelp” a lot better than being slapped or hit. Never do that! The puppy will likely view it as being playful.

Puppies that bite should be taught a “NO BITE” command after which you withdraw your hand. If this behavior continues place the puppy in a crate for a timeout.  Don’t expect a puppy to figure this out overnight. They are just doing what comes naturally and it will take some time for it to grasp what is allowed and what isn’t.

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