December 16, 2010

All dogs bark. That’s going to happen no matter what. Your dog barks for several reasons: to communicate, out of boredom, to get attention, and because of neighborhood kids and other interests. Yelling at your dog will not correct its behavior.

Puppies can be especially vocal. They get nervous and lonely when they are left alone, especially if they are in a new place, just like a human infant. Punishing a puppy for barking will most likely make it more upset.

Each and every time your dog barks, go out and see why the dog is barking. If your dog is barking for a good reason (i.e. stranger in the yard), you should praise your dog and then tell him to be quiet. If your dog’s barking was a good thing, you can even give it a treat!

It’s important to teach your dog that barking is good sometimes, but not all the time. If it is just barking at the wind, you should correct him. Be careful how you do this though! Telling your dog to “Shhhh” is more effective than yelling, which might only make the dog more excited.

Be consistent and repetitive when training your dog to bark only in appropriate times. Your dog is relying on you to show him when he can bark!

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