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Ron Rutherford
December 20, 2010

Training a puppy can be a daunting task for any new owner. One of the most aggravating and difficult aspects of this is puppies’ tendencies to bite. As puppies, the biting doesn’t normally cause injury, but if you continually allow … Read Entire Post

December 17, 2010

When you purchase a wireless fence, it can be a chore to train your dog to understand their new boundaries. However, following these tips will make it an effective and productive experience.

Once you have set your boundaries with flags, … Read Entire Post

December 17, 2010

Just like their human companions, eye contact is vital for dogs! That is one of the top ways that they communicate. Naturally, they want to properly greet people face to face.

Since most dogs and puppies are a lot shorter … Read Entire Post

December 16, 2010

All dogs bark. That’s going to happen no matter what. Your dog barks for several reasons: to communicate, out of boredom, to get attention, and because of neighborhood kids and other interests. Yelling at your dog will not correct its … Read Entire Post

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