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It’s a nightmare come true, you’ve come home and there’s a hole in your fence or the gate is open and banging against the fence after being blown open. The heart wrenching panic begins to set in as you frantically … Read Entire Post

The fourth and final video, “Big New Play Area” concludes Cooper’s adventure in our “Cooper: Pooch on the Loose” series. In the first video, Cooper’s Mom was less than thrilled to find that Cooper had escaped and even … Read Entire Post

Cool Training Tips for Cold Days – Train your Dog Indoors

It’s still cold here in Pennsylvania and even though it’s looking to warm up, there is still rain on the horizon. Don’t let this dreary weather rain on your … Read Entire Post

No Pet Left Behind: Natural Disaster Preparation

Whether it’s a blizzard, hurricane, tornado or earthquake, natural disasters can happen with little to no notice. Most families who live in areas where these events are common, have developed a procedure for … Read Entire Post

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