National Pet Month (April-May 5th)

Celebrate the “pawsitive” impact your pets have on your life during National Pet Month. Our companions are there for the good and bad days, for the rain, sun and snow ready to comfort and play. However, instead of going out and buying your dog a $4.2 Million tiara for your pooch celebrate by helping promote the benefits of pet ownership, increase public awareness of services available from professional service animals or volunteer at your local shelter to help people adopt their own best friend.

National Pet Day: April 11th

National Pet Day encourages the adoption of shelter animals over the purchase of pure-bred or exotic animals. National Pet Day isn’t all about adoption, since not everyone can adopt, but about gathering together to raise awareness and funds, as well as to promote adoption of the animals in need. Businesses and organizations can also help by participating in events, fundraisers and promotions.

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Sponsored by the American Red Cross, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month focuses on educating owners about the hazards that your pet faces in the spring and summer, as well as the training and resources that are available to help your pet in a time of need. As we emerge from winter and into spring, there are various natural disasters that can happen – from floods to tornados – and it’s important to have a plan for your pet.

Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week: Third Week in April

As part of pet appreciation month, the prevention of cruelty to animals is a key component in the abuse translating to humans or children. The Humane Society of the United States has annual campaigns that address these issues and help prevent further abuse and cruelty. Our pets love us and should be loved in return.

World Veterinary Day: April 23-26 2014

Our veterinarians are saviors and deserve our respect and gratitude. This year, the Kenya Veterinary Association is hosting the 14th World Veterinary Day Celebrations and the 48th Annual Scientific Conference where they will award the “World Veterinary Day Award” to an organization that exemplifies the theme “Animal Welfare.” Fun fact: all veterinarians are required to wear their white lab coats, thermometers and stethoscopes to the celebrations!

Hairball Awareness Day: April 25th 2014

At least once in every cat owner’s life is the horrifying experience of hearing your cat cough up a hairball (doesn’t really look like hair or a ball) and having to clean up the resulting mess. It has been downplayed by society as a normal thing for cats, but is actually the number one reported cat ailment and is suffered by about 60-80% of felines. It’s a good idea to keep your cat groomed and entertained to prevent excessive grooming and more hairballs. In some cases, they can become lodged in the esophagus and require surgery to correct.
So, through the month of April, show your beloved pets some extra attention and help those who have yet to find their forever home!

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