Summer is coming to an end, the kids are back in school, and it doesn’t take very long before your dog may begin to feel a little less noticed around the house. The kids want to play, the dogs want to play, but all you want is time to relax after a long workweek and to spend some quality time quietly at home with the ones you love. This can be quite easily achieved by finding some fun activities that the children and dogs can do together. The following top 5 fun activities will keep the kids and dogs entertained in the evenings when you want to relax:

  1. Teach your child how to do basic dog training exercises with your dog. Sit, stay, heel, and come, are basic commands that will help build a bond between them, and teaches the dog to trust and respect the child. This also helps the child to develop patience, persistence and feel a sense of accomplishment once the dog learns to obey the command.
  2. Some dogs, and some kids, simply love a ball. Some kids will be happy kicking a football around all day, and some dogs will love nothing better than to chase around after it. In fact, some dogs are quick learners, and will readily learn to dribble the ball back. Your child can kick the ball and try to train the dog to dribble the ball back to them. Alternatively, a game of fetch with a tennis ball or stick will be enjoyed by most playful dogs.
  3. Frisbee is another activity that can be enjoyed by kids and dogs alike. The child can throw the frisbee, teaching the dog to fetch and retrieve the frisbee – should keep them busy for hours.
  4. As the summer fades away, we may still have a hot summer day on occasion. This is your chance to turn on the garden sprinkler and let the games begin… Kids love running through a sprinkler, and some dogs just love water and will quickly join in. If you need to set up the sprinkler in a sunny patch of lawn that is not fenced in, dog shock collars provide a marvelous way to control your dog and prevent it from running off without having to restrain it with a leash.
  5. Bake cookies for the kids and the dog. If you choose a homemade, healthy recipe, you can make cookies that both your kids and dog can enjoy! The kids can help with the baking preparations – try to find some fun shaped cookie cutters and perhaps some heart or bone shaped ones to cut cookies for their pooch. The kids can decorate the cookies they’ll be eating with colored icing, and other treats, while mixing the ingredients for your dog’s batch! Great fun will be had by all – the proof will truly be in the pudding.


These fun activities will not only help your kids develop a better bond with the family pooch, it will also keep them off the couch and away from the TV when they don’t have homework to do, ensuring that they lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Do you have any favorite activities you like to do with your dog? If so, please share them will us, as we would love to hear about them.

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