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Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence Unleashed

The Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart® Wireless Provides The Largest Roaming Area Of Any Circular-Shaped Dog Fence With Powerful Technology Housed In A Sleek Compact Controller

Radial-Shape Controller & CollarThe Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart® Wireless features a sleek compact controller which houses revolutionary new wireless technology that users can manage with minimal effort and without having to dig trenches on their property. In less than 1 hour, this wireless fence can be set up, running and tracking the real-time distance to your dog when it wears the Havahart® Wireless Collar.

Based on more than eight years of research and development, the Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence creates a circular-shaped boundary that can extend from 40 to 400 feet in all directions from the system's Controller base.


Roaming Area Expands to Cover up to 1 & 1/2 Football Fields"This is the world's first digital wireless dog fence to provide a Roaming Area that will expand to cover up to 1 & 1/2 football fields," stated Rian Sweeney, the Marketing Associate on the Havahart® Wireless brand for parent company, Woodstream Corporation. "That's about 11.5 acres and close to 20 times more Roaming Area than provided by the leading brand."


With a touch of the digital Controller, users can easily set the exact distance of their fence boundary and customize correction levels for up to two Collars. The system comes with one dog Collar that communicates continuously with the Controller to track the distance to the dog. "What really sets our system apart from competitors is our patent pending time-of-flight ranging technology which allows a signal to travel from the Controller to the Collar and back at the speed of light," said Mr. Sweeney. “Time-of-flight enables the system to track the real-time distance to the Collar. If a dog wanders out of the Roaming Area, the Controller alerts the owner and the Collar delivers a correction.”

With a safety shut-off for the correction cycle included as a standard feature, Havahart® Wireless made dog safety a top priority.  The system also has a wider Trigger Zone that is specifically designed to keep dogs safe inside the Roaming Area and away from danger. With one tone only and five different static correction levels, a user can choose the correction level that is best for his dog. The correction cycle persists until the dog returns back inside the Roaming Area or until the safety shut-off feature activates after 30 seconds. Unlike an underground wire fence, the Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence will not correct a dog for returning back into the Roaming Area.

The comfortable, waterproof Collar houses a custom rechargeable battery, two connection probes and a state-of-the-art radio transceiver with advanced antenna assembly. Because the Collar is motion activated, it will conserve battery life when your dog is not moving.

The Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence from Havahart® Wireless is available for $349 and comes with removable wall mount adhesive strips, instructional DVD, collar tester, battery charger, rechargeable batteries, training flags and more.

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