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About Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence Products


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Havahart® Wireless brings an unparalleled level of technical sophistication to the wireless dog fence industry that stretches the boundaries of pet containment.


After more than a decade of research and development as well as numerous patents, the engineering team at Havahart® Wireless successfully developed the latest generation in wireless dog fence technology.


The brand's tireless dedication to product improvements based on consumer feedback allows it to develop products that provide dogs with space to roam and owners with peace of mind.


About Havahart® Wireless Products

The first product, a Radial-Shape (circular) wireless dog fence, was launched in 2010 and provided the largest containment area that did not require the consumer to bury wires. Continuously improving upon the Radial-Shape Fence, the engineering team at Havahart® Wireless made several enhancements with the launch of the Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence. 


Since most yards are not circular, the engineering team then worked to develop a wireless dog fence that would revolutionize the wireless pet containment industry. The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence provides consumers with a dog containment option not bound by the limitations of the system, only to the limitations of their yards. The Custom-Shape Wireless Fence contours to the shape of the consumer's yard, providing their dogs with the maximum roaming area, while providng owners with the peace of mind knowing they're safe.


These wireless dog fencing options add to the existing line of Havahart® Dog Training, Pet Doors, and Underground Dog Fence products currently available from Havahart®. This full line of pet containment and training devices provides the consumer with various options to meet their unique situations and which are best for the unique temperament of their dog.


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Havahart® Wireless is a registered trade mark of Woodstream Corp.



About Woodstream Corp.


Woodstream Corp. is a long-standing, privately-held company and a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality-branded rodent control products, caring control products for pets and wildlife, natural solutions for lawns and gardens, wild bird feeding products and outdoor living decor.


Woodstream Corp. has over a 150 year history of excellence, growth and innovation. We have built a strong market presence through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.


Woodstream’s growth has been fueled by a consumer-driven approach to product development, focusing on innovation, quality, safety and a commitment to an industry-leading level of service to retailers and consumers. For example, a key focus for Woodstream Corp has been to add organic and or environmentally friendly products to our portfolio. Woodstream Corp. has taken a pro-active approach in reaction to the upswing in society’s desire to preserve our environment and wild animals.



Woodstream Corp. offers consumers multiple sets of solutions under the following brand names:

Birdfeeders.com - Our Feeders  Will Please Expert and Amateur Bird Watchers

Perky-Pet® - Functional, Innovative Birdfeeders

Birdscapes® - Stylish, Decorative Birdfeeders for the Trendy Backyard Decorator

Opus® - Decorative Home & Garden Birding Accessories

Garden Song - Elegant, Value-Priced Bird Feeder Designs with Great Style and Performance


Encourage birds to visit your backyard with our collection of affordable bird feeders, feeder accessories, bird baths and bird houses. Access our expert advice on bird watching, bird feeding and browse our resourceful bird library. Birdfeeders.com can answer all your bird feeder questions.








Safer® Brand - Organic Certified Pest Control Solutions and Lawn & Garden Care Products for the Organic Gardener


Going green has never been easier! Safer® Brand can help make your organic garden a success with information and advice for the organic gardener. Browse our line of organic gardening and organic pest control products at Saferbrand.com.







Mosquito Magnet® - Find the Best Mosquito Trap at MosquitoMagnet.com


Protect your family from disease-ridden mosquitoes with the number one mosquito trap. For season-long protection from biting insects, Mosquito Magnet® traps are scientifically proven to disrupt the breeding cycle, virtually eliminating mosquitoes in your yard for an entire season. End the mosquito control of your backyard with MosquitoMagnet.com.





Victor® - Innovative Pest Control Products from Victorpest.com, the Industry Leader in Rodent Control


Want the very best in rodent control? Visit Victorpest.com for our full line of rodent control solutions, such as mouse traps, rodent traps, repellents and rodenticides. Combat your rodent problem with solutions that work from Victorpest.com.





Fi-Shock® - Your Source for Electric Fencing Solutions


As an industry leader in electric fencing, Fi-Shock® offers high quality electric fencing supplies, such as fence wire, fence posts, insulators and gate handles. Browse the full line of Fi-Shock® products at Zarebasystems.com.





Havahart® - Havahart.com Has What You Need to Stop Animal Damage


Stop the animal destruction of your yard with help from Havahart®. Havahart.com offers a large variety of effective and caring animal control solutions, including animal repellent, live animal traps and pet supplies. Visit Havahart.com to browse our critter library, and trapping and repelling guides for expert advice and information.





Dr T’s® Nature Products - Market Leader in Snake Control


Tired of not enjoying your yard due to snakes? You need some snake repellent! Drtsnatureproducts.com can get you back out side! With the #1 snake repellent on the market, Dr. T’s® also offers a wide variety of effective repellents for mosquitoes, moles, bats, snails and slugs that will surely give you total yard protection.  Find Your Repellent Solution here.





Zareba® Systems - The Largest, Most Comprehensive Electric Fence Systems Manufacturer in North America


Electric fencing is the best way to contain or keep out animals. Zareba® offers a wide selection of electric fencing solutions, such as high tensile wire and insulators. Visit Zarebasystems.com to learn more about high tensile fencing and various electric fence kits. Zarebasystems.com also provides expert tips on how to build your electric fence.

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