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Interested in being a publisher in our affiliate program? We would like to talk to you!


We at Havahart® Wireless have a mission for the caring and training of our consumer's pet dog.  If your organization shares a similar mission, you would be a perfect partner with HavahartWireless.com! There are many opportunities for us to share our ideas and information. We offer the consumer a wide range of solutions to help them to improve the quality of their interactions with their pet dog. As a partner, we can supply your organization with literature and donations for events. Working together as partners we can help people and their dogs.


Havahart® Wireless recognizes that the consumer world has moved rapidly in the direction of online shopping for the purposes of ease, convenience and purchasing power.  Havahart® Wireless wishes to serve these tech savvy customers in their internet adventure by informing them on how to solve a problem, tell them what solutions are available and how to get the product they're looking for.


We are looking for partners who have an interest in cross-linking with our sites, cross advertising, the cyber-selling of Havahart® Wireless products.


Whether you are publishing a site to provide a community destination, sell related product or provide information and services to consumers in an area consistent with our missions we would enjoy hearing from you. Sites of particular interest to Havahart® Wireless would have themes related to:

    • Dog Breeds
    • Dog Care

Contact Us at Havahart Wireless

  • Dog Training
  • Dog Feeding


We are currently a merchant in Commission Junction.  If you are a member of that affiliate program, please request a partnership through the CJ platform.  For all othe queries, please reach out to our consumer care department!



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