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Underground and Wireless Dog Fences

Give Your Dog Freedom

Choosing the right fence for your yard is key for your peace of mind & your dog's enjoyment.
Get started by answering a few questions, and we’ll tell you which one of our fence systems is right for your property!

See Which Fence Is Right For You

(55% Of People Choose The Wrong Fence For Their Type of Property)

Customer Reviews

Love It! I’m very glad I got this fencing system for my 2 dogs.

Now I have a vivacious, sociable golden labrador that stays in her own yard.

We have had our fence for three years and love it.

Shop Radial

Perfect for single unit homes with
   minimal landscaping

Systems start at $299!


Shop Radial
Custom-Shape Wireless

Perfect for large-sized lots with minimal

Systems start at $599!


Shop Custom
Fence Free Underground

Perfect for wooded or heavily landscaped
   lots where wireless is not an option

Systems start at $159!


Shop Fence Free

We are your source for dog containment (Wireless or Wired technology), dog training devices and pet doors. Our engineers have developed unique Wireless Fence technology with built-in safety features for your peace of mind.


It’s important, when choosing a Wireless Dog Fence, to consider your unique property size, layout and landscape, as well as your dog’s needs. Our focus is to help you choose the right fence to keep your dog safely contained, while incorporating the latest features available, so you can rest assured knowing your dog is safe with room to run and play. Make Havahart® Wireless your go-to solution for dog containment and training devices.




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