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Why Havahart Wireless?

You should choose Havahart® Wireless for your Wireless Pet Fencing
needs because we have:

Patented, industry leading Wireless Fence technology

Safety features to protect your beloved pet

Do-it-yourself setup and installation

The market's largest Wireless Roaming Area for your dog

World class customer service

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Radial Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs #1 Wireless Fence
See if the Radial-Shape
wireless fence is right for you!

Shop the Radial Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs
Is A Wireless Fence Right For You?

Which type of property do you own?

Watch the videos below to see if your property type will work with a Wireless or Underground Fence.

Property Challenges Video Wooded Lots Video Roadside Property Video Narrow Lot Video Minimal Landscaping Video

Property Challenges  


Wooded Lot/
Sloping Hills  

Roadside Property  

Narrow Lot  


Fence Free Underground Dog Fence Need A Wired Fence?
We've got you covered with our
Fence Free Underground Fence!

Shop the Fence Free Underground Dog Fence
Radial Shape Wireless Fence for 2 Dogs
FREE Extra Collar!
With Every New Radial
System Purchase - $159 Value!

Shop the Radial Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs

Custom-Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs

Do-it-yourself customized boundary - there's
nothing else like it on the market!

Learn How The Custom-Shape Fence Works »

Compare the Havahart® Wireless Custom Fence to the Competition »

Find Out More about Custom-Shape Fences For Dogs »

Save $160 With a Bundle! »

Custom Shape Wireless Fence for 2 Dogs Have 2 Dogs?
Get a great value with our
two dog custom fence system!

Shop the Custom Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs
Radial Vs. Custom - What's the Difference?
Fence Shape, Boundary Size, Price Radial Custom
Circular, up to 11 Acres, From $299. Customizable, up to 25 Acres, From $699
View Full-Size Chart
Radial Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs Best Selling Wireless Fence
See if the Radial-Shape
wireless fence is right for you!

Shop the Radial Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs

Take a look at the Wired and Wireless fencing options we offer for your dog, including Radial-Shape, Custom-Shape and Fence Free Underground pet containment systems. The variety of Wired and Wireless Dog Fences enables you to select the system which is best for your dog(s) and unique property landscape. Use the links and the guide below to learn more about the fencing options, and find the one that will work for you and your four-legged family members of all shapes and sizes.
Watch our videos to determine which
of our fences is right for
your property!
Which System is Right for You?
Answer a few easy questions, and we’ll
tell you the right system for
your property!
Choose the correct size Havahart®
Wireless System collar for your
dog with this chart.
Neck Size Chart
Learn how our fences compare to the
competition, or how our fences
compare to each other



Welcome to Havahart Wireless Already Own a Wireless Fence For Dogs?

The Right Place to Get a Wireless Fence for Dogs

The engineers at Havahart® Wireless have been able to successfully develop the latest generation in wireless fence technology for dogs to add to their line of successful dog containment and training devices. These patented products focus on providing a safe environment for your pet and incorporate the latest features and benefits that have not been previously available.
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  So How Does A Wireless Fence Work?

Not sure if a wireless fence for dogs is right for you and your dog? Use the links below to learn all about...

Radial-Shape Dog Fence Details
Custom-Shape Dog Fence Details

If you already own a wireless fence for dogs, or another Havahart® Wireless product, the links below may help you.

Wireless Fence Tracker
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Radial-Shape Wireless Fence For Dogs
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